Smart Book Lovers

Smart Book Lovers is an organization of people who have a high IQ and love books. We started as a Special Interest Group affiliated with American Mensa in 2009. In 2010 we became an independent High IQ Society and are no longer affiliated with AML, even though a large number of our members are also Mensa members.

if you drifted to this group because a smart friend point you to it, or just found it by searching, you do need to submit an evidence to prove that you meet the high IQ requirements. we will take your word for your love of books and sanity. We do routinely check our members against national and international databases of bright but insane people and reserve the rights to remove such people.

Please provide the following evidence to be considered as a member by emailing it to us. 

1. A proof of membership of any of the credible  High IQ societies which require members to have an IQ above a certain threshold, where the threshold is at least set to 96.88 percentile of general population. List of such societies provided on request. You can simply email a scanned version of a document proving your affiliation with such a organization.

2. Copy of your GRE scores.

3. Documents (pdf or image) which you believe can substantiate your claim of an IQ higher than 95.88 percentile. The membership committee reserve the final decision on this.

Note: Smart Book Lovers is not affiliated with American Mensa, Argentina Mensa, Artifex Mens Congregatio, Australia Mensa, British Mensa,  Hellenic Mensa, Hrvatska Mensa, Hong Kong Mensa, Irish Mensa, La Société Mensa Canada Society, Malaysian Mensa Society, Mensa Belgium, Mensa Brasil, Mensa Bulgaria, Mensa Canada, Mensa China, Mensa Colombia, Mensa Cyprus, Mensa Czech Republic, Mensa Denmark, Mensa España, Mensa in Deutschland e.V. Mensa France, Mensa HungrIQa, Mensa India, Mensa International, Mensa Israel, Mensa Italia, Mensans in Japan, Mensa Korea, MENSA Luxembourg a.s.b.l. Mensa Macedonia, Mensa Mexico, Mensa Montenegro, Mensa Nederland, Mensa New Zealand, Mensa Norge, Mensa Österreich, Mensa Pakistan, Mensa Philippines, Mensa Polska, Mensa Romania, Mensa Serbia (RS),  Mensa Singapore, Mensa Slovensko, Mensa Slovenija, Mensa South Africa, Mensa Sverige,  Mensa Switzerland, Mensa Turkey & Suomen Mensa ry.

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