Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Review of Just Before the Dawn by Joseph A. Gillian, reviewed by Sonnet Erin Brown

Title: Just Before the Dawn (Rebecca Remembered)
Author: Joseph A. Gillian
Genre: fiction
Reviewer: Sonnet Erin Brown (New Orleans, Louisiana, USA)
Rating: 1 of 5 stars

Gillan’s novel begins with promise as Rebecca opens a letter from the main character and a former lover, Thomas. It is a 200-page letter that she has kept secret from her husband William, waiting for him to leave the house before stealing a few moments to read what Thomas has written. This immediately hooks the reader into the story.

Unfortunately, as the story continues, it becomes increasingly repetitious and bogged down in details. Some of the details included in the story are pertinent and enjoyable, but most of them become tedious to the reader. At points, the reader can actually skip several pages of text without missing the plot—in some cases, whole chapters can be skimmed.

Finally, the ending leaves something to be desired. Though Rebecca is a prominent character in the novel, the reader never finds out what becomes of her. All in all, the story fragments unpredictably and tends to meander aimlessly into topics that have nothing to do with the actual plot. A disappointing read for the average reader, but it may be enjoyed by those who enjoy extremely detailed narratives.


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