Friday, September 28, 2012

Book Review: Full Wolf Moon by K.L. Nappier

Reviewed by Valerie C.

I just finished reading this book - I started it yesterday and read it nearly constantly in my spare time since that time. It was one of the best pieces of short fiction that I have ever read. It was fast paced and the characters were fully present in my mind's eye. The story is both believable and fantastical. 

 The story takes place in 1942 at a California internment camp where Americans of Japanese descent were forced to live. At first I could not get into the story mainly because I regard this date as ancient history and I don't have a visceral connection to those times. However as I read more and more of the story I became caught up in the lives of the people and their needs and feelings. The ending made me think and the book really involved me emotionally and intellectually. 

I would highly recommend this book for adults of all ages. I am not sure that I would recommend it for readers under the age of 18 mainly because of the violence of the deaths - even though no gory details are provided, the people who are killed are vulnerable and important to the characters in the story and therefore I don't recommend that young people read it.

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