Saturday, October 13, 2012

Book Review: "Voyagers" Book by K. L. Nappier

Review by Deep Philosopher

The book is written with a historic background, in 1896.The location is the heartlands of America, St. Louis in Missouri. We briefly learn about the two primary characters - Greta Roscoe - a courtesan, and Aaron Shane, the minister and how their paths entangle with each other.

Then, all of a sudden, we are drawn into the meat of the story, right at page 27:
"... stopped abruptly, and Greta looked in the direction he was staring. What that, just under the west windows?

A dark shape, like a man sprawled over and unconscious. Or dead.

A deep voice said "Yes, dead, Greta. That's Aaron's shell. You're right, you're both very dead."

A murder mystery with a twist - the amateur "sleuths" are ghosts who are investigating their own murders. The story continues where the author uses the opportunity provided by the plot to combine the elements of a good murder mystery with philosophy, and her imagination
about afterlife. Thus she caters to the curiosity most of us have about the life after death, combining it with a "who dunnit" murder mystery, gripping our attention till the end.

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