Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Book Review: Future of the Western Hemisphere, book by Anitra Thorhaug et al.

Review by Deep Philosopher

I received this book as a reviewer for Smart Book Lovers. This book pleasantly surprised me - I was expecting an academic book with lot of mathematical modeling, computer simulations and statistical projections. But this book is written in a language everyone can understand. Yes, there are charts and projections, but you don't need a degree in economics or mathematics to understand them. Also, the book covers wide variety of areas from food, environment and energy to economy, religion, language, culture and art.

And even though the book is titled as "Future", it's actually also provides a very good historical and "current state" perspective of the western hemisphere as well. As someone born in Asia who immigrated to the western hemisphere, I found that to be interesting - it allows me to understand the richness of the cultural heritage and the cultural mixing which happened in the Western Hemisphere. Also, I can use this book to understand the world my children will grow into, and hence prepare them for it!

So whether you are interested in learning about the history, current state and future of the western hemisphere from social, cultural, scientific or plain business perspective, this is a good book to read and refer to!

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