Saturday, November 10, 2012

Dreaming in Darkness By Jessica Kristie: A review

Winner of the 2011 Sharp Writ Book Awards in Poetry.

 Jessica Kristie dazzles in this new collection of poems. In this collection Mrs. Kristie examines different types of relationships in chronological order. From the first dates, first contact, and first looks to the heart wrenching final days, the pain, the torment, and the occasional violence, each section in this collection starts off slow and staccato and builds slowly as time moves on, into lines that are longer but still pack a punch.

At the end of each section comes the torment and grief of another love lost, for a variety of reasons. The final section is more of a prose section, and it feels out of place amongst the others; thankfully it does not distract from the power of the other sections.

 The poems start off short and quick. This gives time for the reader to digest each one individually. It also gives time for Mrs. Kristie to show off her lyrical side. Each stanza is short and very lyrical. It flows smoothly, and throughout the collection it becomes more and more violent, losing that lyrical quality. The poems become laments for things that have been lost. These are deeply powerful poems, perfect for people who love poetry. 

Review by Kevin Winter, provided to SWBA by J.K.

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