Monday, March 5, 2012

SWBA Receives Accolade from Participants and Winners

Sharp Writ Book Awards Receive Accolade from 2011 Participants and Winners:


Hi, Just a quick note to say thank you so much for taking the trouble to post my certificate to me in South Africa. I was over the moon! Once again a big thank you for your help in entering. 

In case you have gone blank (all those entries) I won 2nd place in the YA category for The Secret of the Sacred Scarab. 

I hope to be entering the next book in the series some time in the future. Best wishes for 2012. Regards Fiona Ingram, Winner of the 2nd place in Young Adults Category

  Thank you! I appreciate your email, and the wonderful award your organization has bestowed on me. In the meantime, I wanted to get the stickers for the book and order a few extra. Please let me know how I can do that. 

 Best regards, Abu Zubair, Winner of the Sharp Writ Award in Fiction

I just received the plaque. It is lovely! And I am very proud to have been awarded it. Thank you so much!

Pam Bitterman, Children's winner


I got my award today! Originally I had no idea we got actual awards in the mail. What a wonderful thing... thank you. You made my day, again. Jessica :) 

Pam Jessica Kristie, Poetry winner

Hello Ann, I am just thrilled beyond words that Griffin Rising won the 2011 Smart Writ Book Award for YA Book. Thank you to all the judges and the people behind the scenes who worked so hard to pull off another successful contest. Bravo to you all. Thanks again for the award – I'm grinning from ear to ear!

Darby Karchut, Young Adult Winner


Thank you. The author liked the award certificate. Could you also send me a .jpeg of the award too? I'd like to put it on our websites and eventually in our next catalog. regards, 

Brad Olsen CCC Publishing


Sharp Writ Book Awards are organized by Smart Book Loves to recognize excellence in book writing. We are currently accepting nominations for 2012 Awards. To find out more, please visit Sharp Book Awards website. 

Smart Book Lovers is a non-profit, independent organization founded as a virtual place of gathering for people with high intellects and a passion for books.  Originally founded as the Book Lovers Special Interest Group (SIG) of Mensa in June 2009, the officers took the group independent in order to better serve its members in 2010.  Although no longer affiliated with any other organization, many of the members are current or former members of Mensa and other high IQ societies. 

Smart Book Lovers is now accepting nominations for 2012 SW Book Awards. 

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