Tuesday, September 6, 2016

Rasputin and the Jews: A Reversal of History by Delin Colon - SWBA Runner up: General Non-fiction

From the Sharp Writ Book Awards judges:

  • This is a very interesting and well-researched book that contradicts much of the popular history of Rasputin with reliable sources.  The book is also very informative about the treatment of Jews in Russia prior to the revolution.  
  • While the apparent purpose of this volume is to refute the so-called aristocratic bias of traditional historical renderings of Rasputin, this author is clearly biased in defense of Rasputin.  Furthermore, on a purely mechanical level, footnotes appear seemingly when the author feels like including them.   There are grammatical errors that distract the reader from the author's point.  A
  • Although I didn't know the exact history of the Russian revolution, reading this book really made things come alive for me.  I felt strongly that the author's Rasputin, if the true one, was a true hero. I don't honestly know whether Rasputin was a fraud or simply a brave and kind man, but this book was well worth reading either way.   
  • It was a bit of a dry read at times, but most of the information presented was supported, and I had heard of the majority of it through other sources. It's nice to see the information compiled in one place.   
  • This book is an advancement in the understanding of the man, Rasputin, and the fall of Tsarist Russia - a heart not often seen during Jewish persecution. Of those who were considerate of the Jews as people, and not histories villains, Rasputin stands out as their little known hero in his wisdom, as the Tsars’ council.  A top notch read that I'd personally recommend it to others. For me, that is high praise. The author should be proud to present this work to anyone.

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