Tuesday, October 11, 2016

Sedona: The Lost Vortex by Mikel Wilson SWBA Runner up: Sci-fi / Fantasy

From the Sharp Writ Book Awards judges:

  • I really enjoyed this book - interesting and unique plot, good character development, just an overall enjoyable read.  The ending sets up perfectly for a 2nd book, which I'd read if one comes out.  I marked it down only because the prose jumps from character to character at times without enough break to not be confusing at times.   
  • I got sucked in by the characters immediately. The relationship dynamics were well fleshed out and interesting. The subject could have been a phone directory and this book still would have been a good read - it was that well written.   
  • A slow opening and an interesting writing style are the books only limiting factors. I did appreciate having Erythroblastosis fetalis brought back to my attention.  This book is enjoyable entertainment for casual reading.

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