Saturday, September 5, 2009

book Review of "Measure of a Man", a book by Akash Shuka, review by Molly C., a member of Mensa and the Book Lovers SIG

Surgery to gain an additional 2-3 inches in height? Mr. Shukla began his odyssey at 4'11"--at the end he was 2.5" taller. Was it worth it? For Mr. Shukla it was.

One cannot help but admire his determination and strength of character as he tells the story of his painful recovery. But I came away from his story with even greater admiration for his parents. Though they did not endure the physical pain their son did, they endured financial strain and the gut-wrenching experience of watching their beloved son suffer, all the while not knowing if the surgery would be successful...or "worth it."

Mr. Shukla's narrative is engaging. While his motivations may be off-putting (he wants women, and he gets through some of his more painful moments by watching R-rated movies), he is a spirited and likeable young man. His story should serve as an inspiration to others who are facing physical pain.

.... Molly C., a member of Mensa and the Book Lovers SIG

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