Saturday, September 5, 2009

Book Review of "welcome to the USA", a book by Kalpanik S.; review by Kat C., a Mensa and Book Lovers SIG member

I approached this book looking to read a good narrative, but instead I was taken on an interesting journey through different cities and times as the author, Kalpanik S., transitions to life in the USA in various locales.

While I enjoyed the subtle humor and storyteller's digressions, I found it to be more like a memoir or journal for the author than a cohesive story. Best part of the tale was the accompanying photos (and a photo-essay chapter).

But the poor print quality and black&white reproduction left me wanting. I would recommend that the next edition take advantage of the dozens of beautiful photographs by enlarging many of them and printing in color, as well as correct the number of typographical errors I noticed. All in all though, it was a quick, fun read, and was neat to experience US life through foreign-born eyes.

Kat C.
Kat C., a Mensa and Book Lovers SIG member

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