Thursday, April 14, 2016

Motherless Child by Marianne Langner Zeitlin SWBA Runner up: General Fiction

 From the Sharp Writ Book Award judges:

  • This book is real literary fiction, and beautifully written, at that. I was enthralled.  This is very probably THE best non-genre novel I've read for the SWBAs.  The plot is complex but satisfying, and it is nicely tied together at the end.  Honest to goodness literary fiction that is well executed - will wonders never cease!!  
  •  This book is well written and has a good plot, but it didn't really hold my attention.   I enjoyed the ending; but it felt like a long road to get there.   
  • This has incredible attention to detail, great characters, and a believable plot line.  Probably the best book I read this year.   
  • This is a complex literary novel. At first I didn't understand how so much detail made sense, but after reading more and more, the plot started to make sense and finally at the end everything was great.

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