Monday, May 30, 2016

Book Review of "Call of the Raven" by Shawn Reilly

Submitted by a member. 

Rating: 0 / 5

In her book "Call of the Raven (Union Series)", the author Shawn Reilly had a creative and imaginative idea - of people, or rather, living beings who have the ability to shift into animal forms  dubbed "Ani-shifts".  However, the book kind of goes all downhill from there - These Ani-shifts are part of a secretive organization unimaginatively dubbed "The Union".

The author is unable to fully utilize the potential of her idea, there is nothing else creative or imaginative in the book, just lot of back ground setting for the follow up books and not enough of a story for this book. So unless you are looking for what amounts to a mega-introduction to what seems to be a 10 book series, avoid this book.  The author has been unable to build upon this idea or weave a creative story at least in this book, and I am not going to buy the other two current books in the series just to find out if there is ever going to be one. 

Click here for an earlier version of this review posted at Amazon and the subsequent interesting commentary  from the author and her imaginary friends.

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