Friday, October 23, 2009

Review of Welcome to USA by Kalpanik S., review by Laurie Behenna

“Welcome to the USA”, written by Kalpanik S. is a whimsical, yet heartfelt journey in a new land. The author utilizes a series of vignettes to present events as they transpired over 20 years.
The central character, “Y”, is a young man who comes to America from Delhi on a fellowship to complete his Master’s degree in Computer Engineering. His primary destination was the Silicon Valley of California as a College Teaching Assistant. Here a sweet and bittersweet almost-romance in the computer lab becomes a catalyst for inner change.
As he travels from California to Seattle, Nashville and finally, San Diego, his perspectives on the country are innocent, yet knowing. He has the wisdom of being able to relate to each location on his own terms.
The mutual welcome received from Seattle, the home of the “Secret Society of Tattooed People”, the similarities between himself and Faith Hill in Nashville, and survival during the Witch Creek Fire in San Diego helped Y write the program for the remainder of his life.
While the author does refer to his readers and himself “as software pros”, this does not limit the audience for this book.
Read and Enjoy!
Laurie A. Behenna
Mensa Member

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